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Best keytar keyboard - full review


A keytar is a guitar-shaped keyboard instrument. Held on the player’s shoulders with a strap similar to a guitar. The keytar is a unique musical instrument for me due to the freedom, he gives to play on stage And because of some other very important features, we will mention here.
If you are interested in knowing essential details before you buy a keytar Or choose the musical instrument that suits you best, so keep reading.

What is keytar

A keytar is a musical instrument, a keyboard, synthesizer, or midi controller, placed diagonally on the player’s body, similar to a guitar.
All music is usually interfaced with the help of a wireless connection to the amplification system or directly to the amplifier. Thus, it allows the player to play inside the stage space and outside it.

Usually, the most useful instrument for many forms of playing is a chord accompaniment or a bass.
And whether it’s a solo role of the keyboardist.

Nevertheless, the keytar is good enough to be used as a primary keyboard instrument.
Usually, musicians use it as a second instrument intended only for entertainment and selected show segments.
It is because keyboard players have a hard time keeping this thing on their bodies for an entire event.
We are used to comforting (:

Consider before you buy

  • Number of keys/octaves and their quality
  • Quality and selection of sounds
  • Connectivity and battery
  • build quality

Number of keys/octaves and their quality

Several notable brands manufacture the keytar. And usually, there is a selection of different sizes as needed
So before you decide, think about the size of the musical instrument you will need to carry and, of course, the musical instrument you like.
And from this, deduce the number of octaves you are interested in.


Quality and selection of sounds

Whether it’s Roland, Yamaha, or Korg They all have sounds of very high standards
But there is no doubt that everyone has their favorite type of sound, So take this into account and choose the keytar
with the quantity and quality of the sounds, you will be happy.


Connectivity and battery

If you plan to play the keytar only on stage
So you probably don’t need to worry about the battery or at least the connections
(I would suggest that you take it as a priority, in any case, it’s always nice to have the flexibility and especially with a tool like this)
But for those of you who do want to get out of the confines of the stage with the instruments
You will have to choose the types of wireless connections that will suit you
and the battery that will satisfy your needs
On average, a battery that lasts for 3 hours is good.
And remote connectivity like a microphone and a wired connection is standard.


build quality

As with any other musical instrument, we buy
Also, in keytar, it is essential to check the quality of construction and materials.
I’d say it’s even a tad more important than other keyboards
Because you usually catch him standing with quite a lot of movement
So make sure it’s well built.

Best keytar - best options

Roland AX-Edge 49-Key Keytar

Alesis Vortex Wireless 2


Korg RK-100S2 37-key Keytar

Roland AX-Edge 49-Key Keytar

Roland’s keytar is one of the most well-known and high-quality musical instruments of this type today.
It comes with 49 sensitive and high-quality full-size keys
With a pack of 500 sounds from Roland’s acclaimed series
In addition, it comes with a variety of built-in effects and sound processors that give perfect control over the sound
If you are looking for a long-lasting professional instrument and are not ready to compromise on sound quality, 

this is the musical instrument for you.

Korg RK-100S2 37-key Keytar

The Korg midi keytar keyboard is indeed a standard of quality
Made of high-quality wood with good durability, a large battery
37 high-quality keys with the possibility to move octaves up and down
A well-oiled sound engine with a large amount of Korg’s elite sounds.
Includes preset programs for better solo performance
Excellent connectivity and no less important is the thin thickness of this musical instrument
Which creates lightness and a pleasant feeling during prolonged playing.

Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 - MIDI


Alesis brings us this fantastic remote controller.
Has 37 full keys and eight sensitive pads for drumming
In addition to all this, an RPG is built into the tool, giving the live artist creativity.
Includes a variety of connections dedicated to midi and pitch band.
To complete all of this, the keytar comes with an expanded
software package of Ableton live with various virtual musical instruments from the top.

Please note this is a midi controller without an independent sound engine


In conclusion, the keytar keyboard is an innovative and versatile instrument that offers a unique combination of portability and sound quality. The instruments mentioned in this article are all excellent options for those seeking a keytar keyboard, and each has its own set of benefits and limitations. a keytar keyboard is a great investment that will expand your musical capabilities and add a new dimension to your live performances. With the right keytar keyboard, you can take your music making experience to the next level and explore new sonic possibilities.

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