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FL Studio 21.2: Innovation and AI Mastering

fl studio 21.2

FL Studio, one of the leading digital audio workstations (DAWs), has just taken a giant leap forward with its latest beta release – FL Studio 21.2. This update introduces groundbreaking features that are set to revolutionize the music production landscape. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes FL Studio 21.2 so special and how it’s poised to empower music producers in unprecedented ways.


Stem Separation: The AI-Driven Magic

FL Studio 21.2 introduces a groundbreaking feature – Stem Separation, driven by artificial intelligence. This innovation allows you to deconstruct fully mixed tracks into individual components like bass, drums, and vocals. Imagine the ability to dissect a track with surgical precision straight from your desktop, eliminating the need for time-consuming internet searches.
It’s crucial to acknowledge that the results may vary depending on the complexity of the source material. While Stem Separation is undoubtedly impressive, there may be some subtle artifacts left behind. Nevertheless, it’s an invaluable tool for music producers looking to remix or rearrange existing tracks.

AI Mastering: Tailoring Sound to Your Style

Another standout feature in FL Studio 21.2 is AI Mastering. This advanced tool employs “automatic genre detection” to enhance the mastering process. Now, you can select your desired genre and loudness level, letting AI craft a master perfectly suited to your style.

AI Mastering, like Stem Separation, is facilitated through FL Cloud, bringing cloud power to your music production process. This cloud connectivity allows for remote addition of new features and audio content by Image-Line, ensuring FL Studio remains at the forefront of innovation.

FL Cloud: A Gateway to Creativity

FL Cloud

FL Cloud isn’t just a feature; it’s a paradigm shift in how music producers access content and feature updates in FL Studio. It offers a diverse array of possibilities:

  • Sounds: FL Cloud presents an integrated library of loops and samples accessible under the SOUNDS tab in the Browser, opening a treasure trove of sonic possibilities for your productions.
  • FL Cloud Mastering: As i mentioned earlier, this AI-driven mastering service can help you achieve professional-level sound quality with ease. It optimizes your tracks for streaming platforms and offers a convenient shortcut under File > Export > Master.


FL Cloud is evolving, with more content and features planned for the future. During the Beta, users enjoy full access to FL Cloud for free, and they can keep what they download. After the official release, FL Cloud will be available in several ways:

  • Free: Access to a continually updated library of free sounds.
  • One-off Purchases: Buy specific sound packs as one-time purchases.
  • Subscription: For those seeking limitless content, a subscription offers unlimited access to the expanding sound library and the full FL Cloud Mastering feature set, with no virtual currencies or credits required.
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