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How to start a song (for producer and singer)

start a song

The decision to start a new song is exciting and brings a lot of energy to the creation, but sometimes it can be just as challenging. Emotional barriers and disorganization in stages are something that many artists face. Today we will put an order in how to start a song for producers who receive production and for singers who want to start creating, writing, and composing.

Anyone who has ever created a song, music, or any other art can say that each song that comes out has become an inseparable part of the artist. Sessions full of passion and inspiration for music are amazing hours, but they can sometimes be different. Sometimes you need to figure out where to start or need clarification on the order of things. 

It makes sense and happens to everyone, but there are ways to improve it. After all, we want to keep creating and not sink. Follow us. In this guide, we will try together to understand the complexity of the creation, the practical steps that will help us stay on the ground, and lots of otherwise advice.

How to start writing a song

There are different methods of starting a song. There is no better or worse. The key here is to try to understand what can bring you inspiration and start from there.

Start with the meaning


Sometimes we try to put words, rhymes and matching sentences together, but the essence of the song still needs to be clarified for us, which creates obstacles in continuing the parts of the song. Stop writing, and think among yourselves about your personal meaning with these words and where you would like to take it in the rest of the song. 

Try to think of short verbal definitions for what you feel or bring up as a memory. This will help you a lot at every stage of the creation because you have arrived prepared with a “work plan.” Of course, things can change, which is great, but you have a good direction.

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Start with a word or title


Sometimes all we need to know how to start a song is some catchphrase or a title that will be the center of the song, it certainly does not fit every style, but in most cases, it helps because many of the songs we know were created with a meaningful word that repeats over and over again, as a chorus or as a drop. 

A small tip on this topic is to make the word or sentence have a significant meaning but expressed in an unusual or alternative way. This usually gives a unique identity to the song.

Musical Instruments


You play one instrument, even if you do not try to learn one instrument, even basic chords, it helps immeasurably for inspiration, musical ideas, and more…
More than that, it will give you, from the first moment, a direction for the production or tools you want to include in your song, and it will also give you a rhythm and awareness of the number of words in a paragraph, etc.

Start with a melody


We already talked about musical instruments, so here, a song doesn’t have to start with the words! Countless songs start at all from the melody or some musical piece. Start composing, humming with words you already have. It doesn’t matter. 

From personal experience, many of the words come after the melody sets the song’s tone. You will always find your ways to start the song. It all depends on your preference.


How to start producing a song

fl studio vs ableton

Apparently, this part of the article is only related to producers who have trouble starting a song. Still, there are no clear rules for creating a song, so it may be relevant to singers/creators trying to start the inspiration through production.

deep thinking


Like the singer, the producer also has to think before the production about elements he wants to hear, imagine the song, and use it in the production. We often flow to other places in the production, which is terrific, but if we have a clear direction at the beginning, it will always give us backup and a good basis for the song.

Increase your thinking about the instruments you feel appropriate to include in the production, up to the roles you want each instrument to play. You can even go ahead and think about a sound that will complement the song. Imagine everything in your head, from beginning to end. This is necessary for the production and will give you special inspiration and a serious drive to create.

Grab an instrument


It’s different than starting to produce by playing the song. In any case, we need to write chords and understand the course of the song, so why not sit down with the guitar, this is the best start, in my opinion, and most importantly, after you play it once or twice, it will undoubtedly provide you with the inspiration and jump to the computer to continue from where you stopped.

In the same way, you can start the song from the melody, that is, play a melody that comes to your mind, and is suitable for the song, and believe me, as soon as you find a melody that will move you, you will be on the wave.

Start with drums


Whether the song is slow or fast, exciting or happy, drums will give you a relatively good direction and rhythm and, most importantly, it will lead you very quickly to add some bass, maybe a piano or pad…  and here you are already deep in the production.

5 tips for artists

I’m sure you managed to take something from here that will help you. Here are some general tips as a bonus.

Practice and more practice


Whether we’re talking about writing, singing accurately, or producing like Martin Grix, it’s all a matter of training. You will be surprised to hear that some do not believe in inspiration at all, but in professionalism, I don’t think so, but certainly, the more you practice and sometimes fail, the better you will be at what you do.

Let go when it doesn’t work


Sometimes. It’s just not our day. No matter how hard we try, we can only produce something we like. We will continue to work and leave dejected. You will learn over time that in music, we have ups and downs, this is what allows us to create great works, but sometimes it is what blocks us from continuing, so if it’s not your day, do something else and come back the next day with renewed strength.

Create with a partner

It is sometimes necessary not to just sink into music that needs to improve. If you are a producer for a singer, this is the time to call and consult him.

Renovate your toolbox


Keeping new sources of inspiration is a must! So if you are a producer, one of the ideas to keep yourself fresh is to update your plugins for that matter (it doesn’t have to cost money), it will also give you creativity and curiosity to produce with the new tools, and it will also keep you updated. 

And if you are a singer, just buy a new musical instrument, or play the sea or the forest, whatever you like, just refresh yourself from the routine, this is a must for musicians.

In our age, it’s even enough to enter a tool like our VerseGenius,

Enter the topic on which you want to write the song, your style, your mood and it will simply give you a great place to start.
Don’t get me wrong, after the starting point, you must add your personal flavor to the text and production.

Don’t give up on what you love


In my life. I have known two types of musicians
The first is that he does it as a hobby. The second one creates music as a way of life. It has no plan B, What I’m trying to say is that if you feel like the first one, just keep creating, and enjoy what you’re doing, and that’s enough,

 but if you’re into music with all your might and are ready to sacrifice everything, just don’t give up, it’s essential to understand that there are a lot of distractions along the way. Still, you can’t let it catch you weak.

In Conclusion

This guide is not intended to give you miracle secrets that will win you a Grammy but to give you different ways of thinking that will help you with inspirational blocks and musical difficulties. That’s why I suggest you keep this guide for any trouble you may have and take the tips you liked as a daily way of working on new music, good luck.

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