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Little alter boy plugin - full review

Little alter boy plugin

The Power of Little Alter Boy Plugin for Vocal Manipulation

If you’re a music producer or sound designer, you’ve probably heard of SoundToys and their exiting new tool. One of the most popular ones in their package is the Little Alter Boy plugin. In this article, we’ll dive into its features, options, and creative uses.

What is Little Alter Boy Plugin?

In simple terms, Little Alter Boy is a monophonic vocal manipulator. However, it’s capable of much more than that. This plugin can manipulate the pitch and color of any sound, including changing the gender of the singer, adding robotic effects, voice characterization, using a vocoder, and more. Little Alter Boy provides a wide range of options for mangling your audio and can produce impressive results.

Interface and Modes

The interface of Little Alter Boy is simple and straightforward, with three main sections: input controls, effect controls, and output controls. The input controls let you select the audio source, the effect controls allow you to choose which effect to use and how much of it you want to apply, and the output controls determine how the processed audio will be routed.
Additionally, the plugin has three modes: transpose, quantize, and robot. The transpose mode lets you shift the pitch up or down, the quantize mode snaps the pitch to a specific scale, and the robot mode adds a robotic effect to the sound.

SoundToys Company

SoundToys, the company behind the plugin, is a music software company based in Vermont, USA. They make plug-ins for digital audio workstations, and their products are used by Grammy-winning producers and engineers. SoundToys’ plug-ins are known for their high quality and creative possibilities.

Uses of Little Alter Boy Plugin

Little Alter Boy is mainly used for vocal manipulation, quantized hard tune effect, and pitch shifters
 but over time, artists have found creative uses for it that have become iconic in modern music. One of the most popular uses of the plugin is to change the gender of the singer throughout the entire track, as seen in DJ Tiesto’s track, The Business.
The plugin’s four parameters offer full control over the thickness of the sound, the tone, and the color. It’s a powerful tool that works magic on any vocal and can even be used on crazy synthesizers.

Is Little Alter Boy Plugin Worth It?

If you create pure acoustic music without any modern flair, in all honesty, this plugin is not for you.
But most producers today at least incorporate electronic music into their productions, so without a doubt purchasing this plugin  is a very profitable investment for the producer.

SoundToys Little alterboy

Little alter boy plugin

SoundToys Little alter boy

Are you a music producer looking for a plugin that can take your vocals to the next level? Look no further than this baby . This plugin is a vocal processor that allows you to transform your vocals in countless ways. Whether you want to add harmonies, create unique vocal effects, or simply enhance the clarity of your vocals, Little Alter Boy has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Real-time pitch and formant shifting
  • Vocal harmonizer and doubler
  • Built-in delay and reverb effects
  • MIDI control for precise adjustments
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Tips for using alter boy plugin in vocals

The use of this plugin in vocals is probably the most common use of it, here are some important tips you can take:


How do I change my vocal formant?

  1. Apply the little alter boy plugin to your Shira channel
  2. Start moving the “formant” parameter as you wish until it sounds good to you
  3. In addition, try to combine the dry sound with the effect with the “Mix” parameter.

You can also change the pitch to an octave below to get a completely different tone and open up new options in production!!

How to use the Pitch and Formant combination?

This is one of my favorite creative ways to use this instrument, especially on this vocal
Adjust the formant parameter after we have made a change in the pitch parameter
It creates a kind of warm and stable vocal sound that you can hear a lot in Tiesto and many others
To do this simply adjust the vocal pitch within the plug-in to your liking – usually, this will be an octave up or down to stay on track
And then change or “so to speak” improve the vocal if the formant parameter

Tips for using Alter Boy in melodies


There is an unlimited option to simply apply the plug-in to any of your sounds or synths and just play with it – for sure you will get an excellent result

But here are some rules to help you fit better


  1. Try to use the pitch only if it does not lower the size of the sound
  2.  Mainly use the “formant” parameter in small ranges it will work wonders
  3.  Use more “drive” parameter to add warmth and power to the lead

Common questions

Is Little Alter Boy worth it?

If you produce electronic music, this plugin can be very useful for you, and provide you with creative possibilities, but if you create classical music for example, of course it will be less useful for you

What is little AlterBoy compatible with?

Information about Apple Silicon M1 compatibility and system requirements. Operating systems: Windows 7 or later; Mac OS X 10.12 or later. At the moment of activation, an internet connection is necessary.

It works with any DAW you use.

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