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Microphone pop filter - Buying guide

microphone pop filter

When recording vocals in the studio, we want to get a pure signal of a pure vocal sound
Due to the increased sensitivity of the condenser microphone
Any accented letters that a singer sings or exhales or breathes into the microphone will create distortion and a short nose in the recording
For this reason, we must use a microphone pop filter
What it does, in short, is absorb all the unpleasant noises and leave us with a clean sound
Today we will explain the use of pop filter mic
We will guide you on how to place it correctly
And we’ll review the best microphone pop filters

What is a microphone pop filter?

A pop filter is a dense mesh made chiefly of nylon or wire.
It is usually made in a grid to reach the maximum density of the material
Due to the high density, the pronunciation of letters such as P, SH, S
Because a singer in a stormy recording session cannot always be careful not to over-sharpen the words (which could also cause a lack of understanding of the song)
The filter does this and is much cleaner
Another equally important reason for installing the filter is involuntary spitting into the microphone.
It can happen to anyone, and it hurts a lot if it happens on an expensive microphone sensitive to moisture.
There are lots of different types of microphone pop filters
But the most common is the circle shape if the arm hangs on the microphone stand
Another form that is becoming more and more accepted is a combination of basic acoustics and a pop filter that wears on the mic itself and creates almost a space for the better

What does a pop filter do for a microphone?

As we said, the filter creates a simple partition of fabric or compressed nylon between the singer’s mouth and the microphone coils.
In deeper thinking that already slides into the mixing stages
If you record vocals correctly – among other things, with Pop filters a microphone, the work of editing that comes afterward becomes more straightforward and more flattering to the sound
The whole annoying S problem is no longer so complex because the filter gave us a source of the clean sound without too many drastic changes

Microphone pop filter – nylon VS wire mesh

Nothing is better or worse about it, but there is an adjustment and preference for each.
So as we said above but they are the second most common type of microphone filter.
Nylon is the cheaper one that provides excellent performance in absorbing and refining letters.
But its disadvantage is that sometimes it can slightly reduce the clarity of the sound.
Some will not be bothered by it and say it can be fixed after the mix.
And the other side will prefer the pure and high-quality sound from the recording itself.
The wire mesh filter is made the same way as the nylon, but its material is less damaging to this critical frequency range.
That is why it is also a little more expensive than its predecessor
It’s simply your decision what to prioritize according to different considerations, but that’s the only change there between the two types of microphone pop filters

details before buying a microphone pop filter

  • filter type
  • Material quality and density
  • Arm quality

filter type

So, as we have already said, we have two main types of pop filters: a nylon filter and the more common, and a wire mesh filter.
The only downside to a wire filter is that it is a bit more expensive than a single nylon filter.
But brings much brighter recordings compared to the nylon
So think for yourself, do you want a filter that is as natural as possible, and then the wire mesh pop filter is the best choice, or do you prefer to take care of the clarity of the sound in the mix and then you can go for the cheaper option of the nylon microphone pop filter

Material quality and density

So, of course, we would always want to go for the cheapest accessories.
Here it is good because, in any case, the high-quality types are also very cheap.
The quality of the nylon is very, very important. We do not need a pop filter that doesn’t filter what we need.
We want a tool that positively affects our sound.
That is why it is essential to check that the density of the material in the filter is high enough to filter.
And not too dense so that it doesn’t darken our sound.

Arm quality

I won’t elaborate on this and tell you that it’s better for you to invest once in a quality mic filter than to fight every day with your arm so that it sits perfectly in front of the microphone.

What is the best microphone pop filter?

Let’s review the best pop filter for a microphone. You can decide on the type that suits you best and just go straight to the purchase.

Auphonix Pop Filter

Professional Filter Mesh

microphone pop filter

Pop Filter Metal mesh

Acoustic & pop filter

microphone pop filter

Auphonix Pop Filter

  • CLEARER SOUND: The Arisen mic pop filter is made of a double layer of metal material, which protects the microphone filter from corrosion by saliva and other steam. Besides, the inseparably close double layer of the metal pop filter can more effectively eliminate “p” “b” and the hissing of the letter “S” to achieve the perfect sound quality optimization effect.
  • 360° ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK of the pop screen: The gooseneck tube of the Pop Filter is sufficient to support the weight of the metal blue yeti pop filter and hold it securely in place. And you can allow adjusting the angle and distance between the pop filter for microphones and the microphone by changing the angle of the gooseneck tube, which filtering noise or burst sound at the angle that works best for you.

Double Metal Mesh

  •  of POP FILTERS: Sometimes, you will find the filtering effect is not apparent by using a single layer pop filter metal to filtering out the noise. But here, Arisen mic windscreen does something that other brands on the market are having a hard time doing, that’s the Arisen upgraded versions pop filter that filter out noise while maintaining natural sound quality, resulting in high-quality sound.
  • Widely compatible: The Adjustable swivel clamp with an anti-scratch feature allows the mic screen to be securely attached to a table or device when installing the pop filter for a condenser microphone, or it is easily installed in any microphone stand or Blue Yeti microphone. Also, the ergonomic design of the adjustable clamps for the audio Technica pop filter makes it easy to install in music studios, offices, individual studios, and recording studios.
  • FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: The ARISEN microphone filter shield can be easily installed on different microphone stands without breaking the stands. And more and more video bloggers chose it to optimize the sound quality because that gets more fans likes from their followers by using this black pop filter. Also, the ARISEN WINDBOX pop filter mesh provides 12 month warranty, any concerns? Please feel free to contact us.

Professional Pop Filter Mesh

microphone pop filter
  • Durability over time
    Does not affect the sound quality
    High quality and adjustable arm
    Constructed of stainless steel
    Wire mesh with natural sound
    high density

Pop Filter Metal mesh

  • WIDE APPLICATIONS – Our microphone pop filter suitable for 45 mm to 63 mm diameter microphones such as Aokeo Microphones, AT2020, AT2035, AT4040, AT2050, AT2020+, Samson Meteor , Scarlett CM25 ,CAD GXL2400, Apogee, Razer Siren X, BADAAX Mic, Rode NT1A, Rode NT-USB, MXL 770, MXL 910, MXL 2010, CAD U37, BM-800, Tonor, Neewer and many other microphones. NOTE: THIS WILL NOT FIT THE BLUE YETI
  • THREE LAYERS FILTER MIC SHIELD – Three layers design include foam layer, metal net layer and basic etamine layer can effectively reduces the plosive, pops, crackles, wind interference, breath sounds when recording vocals. Absolutely necessary for recording, speaking or singing. This studio mic shield isolation helps to get your best vocal recording.
  • MAINTAIN CLEAN – Metal mesh matches plastic frame in a special appearance design. Functionally prevents saliva, keeping cleanness for your microphones and protecting your microphone.
  • EASY TO SET UP – Handy and quick to assemble and disassemble from the microphone and firmly fixed on your mic with the combination design of elastic bands and inner rubber ring, Special design perfectly matches with your microphones.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE- High quality rubber bands and synthetic metal mesh are used to make the filter more durable. If you encounter any problems in the use process, please contact us in time, we will provide you with satisfactory service.

Acoustic & pop filter

microphone pop filter
  • High-Density Noise-Canceling Sponge: Efficiently filters out ambient noise and captures pure human voices, it uses a high-quality, studio-grade noise-canceling sponge that can effectively capture and absorb noise and prevent sound reflections from being absorbed by the microphone.
  • Multi-sided Noise Reduction: Our pop filter adopts a five-sided seal design to effectively reduce noise in different directions. The design of the opening on one side can prevent the divergent sound from during the recording process, the reception is more specific, and the recording is clearer and true.
  • Light and Convenient: Our pop filters have good noise reduction and light weight, only 122g It can be easily mounted on various desktops, small tripods, cantilever arms and floor stands It is convenient to install and easy to use
  • Wide application scenarios: It has a light portable design, easy and quick installation, acoustic noise reduction strength, it is not only suitable for personal live recording at the same time for professional recording studio, radio studio, outdoor performance, etc.
  • Suitable for most microphones: The windshield is suitable for most USB microphones, condenser microphones and lead band microphones with a jacket diameter between 45-60mm. 


A pop filter is one of the most important things in recording
If we want to get a clean sound ready for mixing, we would like to take the best pop filter for us. 

You are welcome to upload again and choose the filter that suits you.

It is important to say that all the filters we have reviewed are all good and suitable for all types of recordings.
I wish you the best of luck in your music creation.

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